Hello world!

Welcome to the new site. The old static site is now dead. Some of the old content might find it’s way across but I’m not planning to import the whole thing; life is too short and content too ephemeral.

So welcome to WordPress. This is an experiment in itself. Having used industrial strength publishing tools, WP is a mixed blessing/curse. I can’t find a thing in the dashboard. My first reaction is to go into the template and try to change everything (I am not a number, I’m a free man!), but I’m resisting it. Far too much time was spent in the past tinkering with layouts and style sheets and I need to concentrate on the content.

In context, WP is better than the old Geocities site, which is so long ago I remember having to spend half the night finding the right dial-up modem control codes. Better also than my old wiki-site (goodbye and good-riddance wiki markup).

Content, then, should be king. How 1998 is that?

The economic recession continues to bite, travel is restricted, the budget for new toys limited – as I now have to pay for them myself. Nobody is picking up the tab and whilst sunshine is good, you can’t live on vitamin-D alone.

Let’s see how it goes. AJS

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