Beginners Web Guide: E-Mail (Re-post)

What did we do before the advent of Electronic Mail?

With e-mail you type your message, and one click sends it to it’s destination. No postage, no stamps, mostly no delay, but definitely no guarantees. Your words and pictures around the world in seconds…

A few general rules:

  • You will need to know an e-mail address for the person you are sending it to. There are no centralised e-mail directories like there are telephone books.
  • Note that e-mail addresses are not the same as website addresses
    E-mail addresses usually appear in this format:
  • Like a postal address it’s made up of person+mailbox
  • The person ‘somebody’ could be in the form smithiea or a.smithie or allan.smithie or even allan.j.smithie
  • the “@” signifies the end of the person name and the start of the mailbox name
  • The milbox name is equivalent of the street/town in a postal address and is usually the domain name – or

You can sign up for various free accounts if you don’t have an email address already (or want a spare/business/personal/anonymous one). For example:

Try our e-mail services frequently asked questions article for further help with e-mail accounts. AJS

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