Windows 7 Catch-up: Performance

Continuing our catch-up with Windows 7, it is generally acknowledged that Windows 7 is faster than predecessor Vista in all aspects.

This goes across the board; applications, menus, compatibility, usability and the underlying architecture which has been reworked to open out the previous bottlenecks…

Power Management

  • The operating system uses less power in general use
  • applies automatic screen dimming
  • has a better indicator for low battery
  • power plans have more options and easier to access


  • Aero Peek is like X-ray vision to have a peek at your desktop or open window, without you having to alt-tab

Aero Snap

  • A quick & new way to resize open windows.

Aero Shake

  • Rationalise a cluttered desktop and quickly focus on a single window with a shake of the mouse. Couldn’t be faster.

Taskbar & jumplists

  • New taskbar design is simpler and more responsive than Vista
  • Pin-to-taskbar allows a much greater degree of customisation
  • Recent items for each program appear with a right click (jumplists).


  • The dreaded (shaky, treacle-slow, buggy, crashy, etc.) Vista Sidebar is gone
  • Gadgets can be placed anywhere

Programs: Calculator, Wordpad & Paint

  • New calculator with new features (programmer & statistics modes)
  • Ribbon interface and new features for Paint & Wordpad


  • Old favourites, Internet checkers, spades & backgammon return from XP. This may be one aspect to slow you down.

DirectX 11

  • The ‘new’ version of DirectX (not so new now, but it’s working) provides much improved graphics in games

Device manager

  • Device stage list popular tasks for plugged in devices
  • All devices are listed in the devices & printers folder


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