Windows 7 Catch-up: Taskbar

With every application program on Windows wanting to dump icons and notifications into the Windows Taskbar, Windows 7 has had to solve the resulting traffic jams by compacting the information displayed.

Programs are now represented only by large icons: one icon instance with a number of drop shadows like cards on a stack now represents every instance of the program concurrently running. The taskbar has become a kitchen counter with stacks of coasters on it. Switching between the running instances is now quite cool…

If you have three Word documents open, the Word icon is in the taskbar, highlighted to indicate that Word is currently running. To access a specific document you have to hover the mouse cursor over the Word icon, which triggers a gallery of thumbnails of the Word documents you have open. You can then select the document you want to edit.

You can revert, if you want, to the old Vista-style taskbar by setting the option in the properties menu. AJS

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