Windows 7 Catch-up: Pin-to-Taskbar and Jumplists

Windows 7 JumplistsWindows 98 introduced an element of the taskbar called Quick Launch. This was an area of the taskbar to the right of the Windows Start button where you could stash your most frequently used program icons.

The Windows 7 taskbar gets rid of the dedicated Quick Launch area, replacing it with the ability to ‘pin’ a program to the taskbar. You can right-click an icon and then select ‘Pin this program to the taskbar’. Pinned icons will always appear on the taskbar even when the program is closed…

Windows 7 also now has a feature called Jumplists. A jumplist for an icon on the taskbar is a contxt-sensitive menu for common tasks relating to a program-icon when it is on the taskbar. Right-click the icon in the taskbar to bring up a jump-list. For example, your browser Jumplist would have options for recently visited and frequently visited websites.

Although Jumplists are enabled by Windows 7, it is down to individual developers to support it in each application. If they don’t define particular Jumplist options for their software, you will still get the Jumplist menu, but only default options (such as pinning or unpinning a program to the taskbar) will be listed.  AJS

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