Installing MS Thin PC

Microsoft’s Thin PC Community Technology Preview is Beta software intended for Sys-Admin’s to play around with as part of the testing program for Redmond’s assault on the thin-client market. It is also aimed squarely at the networked thin-client and kiosk deployment of dozens or hundreds of low-spec machines.

We’ve introduced Thin PC in a previous post.

Here’s how we got on with the installation of the standard 1.2Gb Thin PC dvd image…

Bearing in mind this is a standalone, local install, we’ve not but a custom, slip-streamed image for mass-deployment. This is where Thin PC is aimed.

And the Winner is…
The person running the installer. This couldn’t be simpler. It is so straight forward in so few steps, you’ll be wondering what to do with the rest of your day. the number of questions and options is small, the partitioning tool simple, the wait-time mercifully short. if you’re expecting a long wait with lots of slides and marketing messages to pass across the screen in front of you, forget it. This isn’t XP or Vista, this is a Windows 7 style express installer. It reminds me of Linux installers in its brevity.

You’ll soon be looking at a clean desktop (disconcertingly labelled ‘Windows Embedded’) where the first task should be to run Windows Update and harden the install with patches and other security tools.

This puts us into post-install customisation, so I’ll leave the shock of no Windows Defender and no MS Security Essentials for another post. AJS

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