Catch-up: MS-Office 2010 Tools

Continuing our look at Microsoft Office 2010, there is a number of upgraded tools, utilities and facilities to make life easier, more productive or simply drag the Office Suite into the new decade.

Backstage View and the use of the Ribbon in all applications are the most noticeable of the global changes to Office, but there are also other important changes…

Paste Preview
This may appear to be a minor change, but this may be one of the biggest productivity enhancers in Office 2010; an improvement to the copy-and-paste function.

What used to be simple has become difficult and confusing  owing to the many different types of content you can now copy and paste into Office applications, most of which seem to bring thier own formatting rules, some you want to retain when pasting, some you want to lose. Formats which make a mess in your document include mixed text and graphics, tables and embedded web content. The ‘Paste-as’ option in previous Office versions was a matter of trial and error, try it, see the results, undo it and try another option. Then find none of them worked the way you wanted!

In the new version of Office, this trial and error is, if you like, formalised in Paste Preview. When you paste in content, you can now preview how it will look depending on your paste choice. It may not be right, but at least you don’t have to undo and re-try. By mouse-hovering over each option, you get to see the finished format as it will look in the document. Select the one you want. Paste Preview lets you set a default paste option as well.

Photo Editing Tools
Prior versions had limited graphics handling. In-place images could be manipulated for brightness, contrast and crop, but you had coarse control and couldn’t remove backgrounds or add other effects.

In Office 2010 the photo editing tools, accessible via the Ribbon, allow you to select a photo or picture you’ve placed in a document and a Format tab will appear with tools for editing images in a variety of ways; sharpening, softening, contrast and color saturation, cropping, background removal and a variety of ‘artistic effects.’ AJS

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