Catch-up: Office 2010 Powerpoint Video

Lights, Camera, Next Slide…

I thought it was worth a look at the video editing features in PowerPoint 2010, just to show how far video is saturating every kind of presentation. Stills and clip-art no longer cut the mustard. If it’s not moving in high definition with a pulsing soundtrack, you’re clearly not capable of selling your widgets…
Enhanced Features For Embedded Videos

It is now very easy to embed videos into a PowerPoint presentation. we’ve had the capability for several versions, however PowerPoint 2010 now has a full right-click edit capability.

Having a good wi-fi connection means you can embed YouTube videos in your presentation. Using Video From Online Video Site option is the quickest way of embedding. To embed videos, go to Insert, click Video and select Video from online video site option.

This opens a new window where you add the Youtube embed code, then click Insert. Resize and customise how you will, but it will only play when you run the slideshow: F5 then click Play when the video is loaded.

You can also embed video from a file. PowerPoint will automatically compress and optimize the embedded media for improved playback in presentation.

Supported audio-video formats include:

  • AVI
  • WMV
  • MOV
  • H.264
  • MP3
  • WMA

Edit options available in the Format tab include trim, styles like fading edges, 3D rotation, live reflections and can colourise the video if you think it is not matching the background of your slide.

The Playback tab contains the options to Trim Video, Fade In/Out and Playback. As well as trimming sections front and back, there is a separate section for applying Video Shape, Video Border, and Video Effects.

Under Video Correction you can adjust Bright and Contrast, the Border Color and Border Style let you edit the border attribute, shadow and reflection effects can be added from the Shadow and Reflection options. You can apply some ‘3-D’ effects to the video using the 3-D Format and 3-D Rotation option. Crop option works like photo-cropping so you can select a portion of the frame to display.

Powerpoint for Broadcast
PowerPoint pack-and-go relied on everyone else having a version-compatible PowerPoint installed or PowerPoint viewer. We now have PowerPoint To Video Conversion. PowerPoint 2010 now lets you export your Presentations in video format. In order to create a video, click the Office button and then go to the Share > Create a Video Option.


So there’s now no reason why you can’t insert your favourite comedy clips into even longer presentation decks and point out just how dull is your sales pitch in-between. On the other hand, the export facility makes low-end, basic video editing available to more people for whom a full edit suite is a technical leap too far. Never underestimate the creativity of the average Joe to adapt a basic tool for purposes it wasn’t designed. AJS

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