Catch-up: MS Office 2010 Other Highlights

The Microsoft Office suite comprises more than Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Publisher and OneNote are the two other applications that have gotten upgrades in MSO 2010.

Microsoft Publisher is the often-forgotten desktop publishing program which now handle type much better, with common tools to Microsoft Word for handling ligatures (conjoined letters), small caps and other kinds of type…

Templates are more easily edited and they can be shared with other users from directly within Publisher. It is often forgotten because few demanding desktop publishing users use it; the low-end amateur market is split between a number of cheaper DTP programs and many Office users don’t realise they have Publisher or already use an alternative.

OneNote has been given a major push in the hope that in this version it will break out into mainstream use. OneNote is an application that keeps track of notes and other data in multiple formats. OneNote has been around for several years, but is one of the great underused Office applications.

There is new Side Notes feature that lets you write a note while using another Office application and have that note automatically saved in OneNote. Reminds me of the old Side-kick application pre-windows days. It is also now easier to capture information and copy it to OneNote. Navigation through OneNote ‘notebooks’ has been improved.

Searching for information in OneNote, which was previously lame is now useful enough to scale a  search to a page, section, section group, individual notebook or all notebooks.

More coverage of OneNote to come. AJS

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