How-to: Run Anything in Windows 8

Windows 8 StartWe’ve all grown accustomed to Windows all the way for version 7; Windows 8, with the Metro interface is different. Any program not on the start screen has to be found and run. Fortunately, this is easier than it used to be.

Run anything

To run another program, just press the Windows key or launch the command-prompt by pressing Win+F then start typing the program’s file name. Yes, you have to know its’ actual file-name in order to run it.

The search window will will open (you can also launch this by press Win+F) listing results; clicking one will launch it.

Alternatively, you can hit the key combination Windows key +R to open the old Run box, enter the filename (for example, notepad.exe) and launch it the same as Windows 7 and older. AJS

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