How-to: Seven More Windows 7 Tips

Windows 7 tipsFurther celebrating Windows 7’s third anniversary, give or take, here’s another seven tips for things you may not have discovered.

  • Kill the clutter, hold the ‘Shake.’ The alternative is to press the Windows logo key + HOME to minimize all inactive windows. Press the Windows logo key + HOME again to restore the windows when you want them.
  • Manage Gadgets. Position your gadgets anywhere on the desktop and resize them to your heart’s content. They’ll snap in place at the edge of the screen. To change gadget options, right-click on the desktop and select Gadgets from the context menu.
  • Pin Folders and programs to the task bar. Pin the folders you use most onto your taskbar. Right-click and drag any folder onto the Taskbar.
  • Windows 7 Aero Peek. If you click the small rectangle in the lower-right corner (or press the Windows logo key + SPACEBAR), you can peek at the icons and gadgets on your desktop.
  • Switch through multiple open documents in a program – hold down the CTRL (control) key while you repeatedly click the program icon on the taskbar.
  • Change power button behaviour in Windows 7 to switch users, log off, lock, restart, or sleep. Right-click the Start button and click Properties and then, on the Start menu tab, select the power button action you want.
  • Trouble with Troubleshooting. “Windows 7 helps you help yourself. Try Windows Troubleshooting Platform before you call the help desk by typing fix or Troubleshoot in the search box on the Start menu.”
    DON’T get your hopes up. If it’s not in a narrow class of simple problems, Troubleshooting is unlikely to shoot trouble; it’s seldom even managed to diagnose the problem for me, much less give me a fix for one.

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