Photography: Reuben Tabner

Reuben Tabner Photography HomeIt’s come around to my ‘turn’ to post something on photography  for Everything Express. Which doesn’t mean my photography, I am among the worst snappers in the world. Instead, I’d like to promote a couple of excellent lensmen from my old home in the North-East of England, beginning with Reuben Tabner.

“Living within spitting distance of the North Sea, much of his work is a result of time spent breathing the sea air and being battered by her waves. He is a surfer, a runner and a climber, who feels, as at home in the mountains and the oceans of the world, as the urban jungles we have created around us.”

Reuben Tabner Photography: Fort WilliamReuben works full time as a photographer, covering sports from World Cup Mountain Biking, Equestrian, Surfing, International Cricket, Football and Athletics, as well as general commercial and press shoots.

Reuben Tabner Photography: Saltburn SurfSaltburn Surf from the August Riots gallery evokes that wild North Sea coast that I personally came to love and hate, whilst the journalist in me admires the tension captured ‘in the moment’ of a sports competition or in the press coverage of civil actions. AJS

From Reuben’s galleries:
03/06/11 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Fort William: Down Hill Training
The August riots
Press galleries: Civil actions

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