Photography: Jonathan Irwin

Jonathan Irwin Photography: A19 FlyoverContinuing my short series of posts on Northern photographers, may I present Jonathan Irwin, life-long resident of the North East of England

In Jonathan’s own words:
“My interest in photography started when I bought my first ever digital camera and started photographing aeroplanes.

As my interest in photography grew and my enthusiasm for my retail management career waned I decided to quit work for a degree in commercial photography… going on to complete my BA photography degree.”

Jonathan Irwin Photography: Newport BridgeWithin a broad portfolio, my highlights are the industrial landscapes of the North-East that Jonathan captures with so much drama. The view of the underbelly of the A19 flyover gripped me as never before! Newport Bridge takes on a whole new personality and a presence in the landscape.  Redcar seldom looks this dramatic.

Jonathan Irwin Photography: RedcarBest look through the galleries on his own site and a wider collection on Flickr, rather than any ignorant comment I might make on technique or composition. AJS

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