News: Google Offers App on Android

Google Offers App launched…announcing our new Google Offers mobile app, that allows you to discover, buy and redeem your favorite deals on the go. The free app will notify you about all the great Offers that match your interests. You can purchase offers in just a few clicks and even redeem paperlessly with select merchants.”

After much rumour and debate, it’s officially here. The Google Offers app, announced alongside Google Wallet, is in the Android market for download.

The Google Offers website has been in beta since May and now covers 18 US cities. ‘Subscribe’ to the time- or volume-limited offers in your city and you can purchase directly through the app.

Was it coincidence that Google launched at the same time as the share offering by rival Groupon, whom Google failed to buy for $6bn dollars in 2010?

We know from the the rise of Groupon that there is the appetite for coupons among cost-conscious consumers, but two things come to mind:

  • All this scrapping over coupons? Is the market really that big? Can the new entrant dislodge Groupon or claw out a space alongside uber-retailer Amazon, which has a far bigger presence and the market intelligence to wipe them both out long term?
  • Second, are there enough offers from retailers to entice shoppers into these services? In the teeth of a global recession, is it worth the commission and the price-cutting to bring in additional business at lower margins for the retail and other industries? After all, these coupon services are glorified middle-men.

Lastly, it has to be noted, these are US-only services. AJS

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