Opinion: Tune out, Drop Out, Get things Done

Tune Out Get Things DoneI turned off the Internet today.

I don’t mean the whole thing. I mean my access to it. I unplugged the router from the wall.

I also killed my music player and left the mobile phone in another room.

Something mystical then happened. Concentration.

I love the Internet. I’m probably addicted. It’s a huge resource for information and an unparalleled research, educational and entertainment resource, but every so often I have to shut it all out just to Get Things Done.

Turn off the TV, radio, iPod, Xbox, PSP and Wii. Close the browsers (both of them), kill the chatroom, the IRC, AIM, Facepunch, Twiddle and anything else that’s running. The fact checking can wait. Contrary to contemporary systems of belief, your status doesn’t have to be updated in real time. It will all still be there. After you get something DONE. AJS

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