How-to: Block Video Ads with Adblock Video for Firefox

Adblock Video Add-on for FirefoxAdBlock Video is a Firefox extension which will kills the commercials in Hulu and other online video players, specifically those that insert the ads as a pre-roll before the video content that you actually requested.

Since Adblock Plus can’t detect most video, it doesn’t work for this, whereas Adblock Video will zap the ads from Hulu, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and other streaming content services.

For those who believe that ad-blocking is tantamount to theft, you might want to reconsider the ‘contract under’ which such content is offered – we watch it voluntarily and the hosting company plays the odds on us sticking around for the ads. If the content companies don’t want to offer it that way, they can put it behind a paywall with all that entails. Consider also the personal DV recorders such as Tivo which allow you to skip the ads. We’re not saying it’s right or justified, but if the viewer is to be bombarded with the same dull, dumb, reptetitive ads over and over again, then a little more choice seems only fair.

AdBlock Video is a free download (donate via PayPal if you wish), that works in the Firefox web-browser. Importantly, it conflicts with the regular Adblock add-in, so you need to disable one or the other depending on the content sites you’re visiting. Developers hope to have filters they can integrate with Adblock Plus soon.

Go install it, go to the AdBlock Video site at and download the .xpi add-in file. You need to agree to the Terms and Conditions using the checkbox under the download button. Then in Firefox browser, select Tools, Add-ons and select the settings icon next to the Search all add-ons box. From the drop-list, select ‘Install Add-on from File…’, then navigate to the location of the downloaded adblock_video_1_4.xpi add-on file (1.4 is the current version).

Addblock Video Toolbar buttonOnce installed, you get an Adblock Video icon in your navigation toolbar. You can use this as a quick method to enable and disable the extension, else go the normal route through Tools > Add-ons and use the settings in the Extensions tab.

Where it doesn’t work
It won’t generally block the flash ads in banners and sidebars; basically anything that auto-plays on page-load. Some implementations of JPlayer and it’s ilk also confuse it. It remains better than no control at all. AJS

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