Opinion: Web 2.5 – It’s Arrived

Image: twobee / FreeDigitalPhotos.netTwitter-this, Facebook-that; follow us, like us; half the ads on terrestrial TV are for web-sites and more than half the mobiles phones are so hard-wired into the Web you’d never know you could just dial a number and speak to an Automated Voice Response system.

I do believe Web 2.5 has arrived. Nobody planned it; we just collectively climbed onto the band-wagon because it was easier than walking. Suddenly, it’s here. How do I know?

1. It is all about real time communication; seeing what is happening on-line right now. Facebook and Twitter are now the news leaders, with major world events posted in real time before the major news networks can verify for broadcast.
2. Walk down any street in any Western city and you’ll find the citizens engrossed in their phones. We’re taking the web with us everywhere we go. Cafe’s are becoming Tablet-Central
3. The Social Web, means more conversations with more people – and companies – but just not face to face. We are the blobby people from Wall-E.
4. First, Wolframalpha, now Siri: Web 2.5 will compute the truth, by being smarter and caring less how you ask the question.

So the big prize goes to the person who can figure out what Web 3.0 will look like. AJS

Image: Image: Hand pushing Button by Twobee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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