How-to: Discover MAC Address on Android

Hardware MAC address on AndroidIf you travel around a lot, as I do, then you’ll often find the more secure locations with computer networks want to know the MAC address of any mobile devices you want to attach to their networks.

The MAC address is one way for wireless networks to restrict access to only those devices they can identify. You’ll need to give your MAC Address to the network manager to add your device to the list of registered devices so that you can use the network.

The method for stock Android (from my trusty HTC) follows. AJS

MAC Address numbers should be unique thanks to it’s length in hexadecimal notation and the MAC Address is difficult to fake. The MAC Address is 12 digits long, broken up into pairs: 12:34:56:78:9A:BC. It’s a base-16 value (hence called hexadecimal), so the letters A through F are treated as numeric values.

MAC Address on stock AndroidThe menu screens for a specific Android phone may vary slightly in look and names, but the instructions are the same.

From your home screen:

  • navigate to your All apps / programs menu
  • select Settings from the list
  • select About Phone
  • select Hardware Information or Status
  • On the list that appears look for Wi-Fi MAC Address

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