News: Back-up and Restore ‘Deprecated’ in Windows 8

Windows 8 LogoIf you read the “Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 8 Beta Compatibility Cookbook“, you might think that the classic Backup and Restore and File History features are incompatible:

“While there is no behavioral change to Backup and Restore, this function is being deprecated and will not be updated. It was rarely used and its functionality has been replaced by the new File History feature.”

“We do not recommend using both features at the same time.  File History checks if Backup schedule exists and is active and if it finds one, it will not let users to turn it on.”

This is not the case (as proven by Noel Carboni at ProDigital Software (MCC). The Windows Backup and Restore facility is “deprecated” in Windows 8, though it is still available:

The “legacy” Back up or restore your files feature is “findable” in the Start screen via typing in the string file recovery into the search box, then choosing Settings. It’s not exactly intuitive, as typing in the string backup or restore doesn’t find it.

There is a Create a system image link at the upper-left of the dialog, and it is, in fact, still quite possible to schedule a regular System Image backup using the menus provided.  In addition, File History can still be on.

thanks to Noel for this. Also check out the ebook Configure The Windows 7 “To Work” Option. AJS

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