How-to: Fix Networking Issues

Netgear router“I need help, my heart pacemaker is cutting out!”
“Certainly sir, have you tried turning it off and then on again?”
“Sorry sir, old habit, I used to work Technical Support at an Internet Provider.”

ISP”s have a habit of re-routing, throttling, taking servers down for maintenance and otherwise messing with your Internet connection, Then the local exchange goes up and down. All together, your connection can suddenly behave less than reliably. ‘Turning it off then on again’ can effectively save you a lot of wasted effort for a simple fix.

Re-starting or power-cycling your domestic modem or router will re-initialise the connection to the ISP. The equipment will go through a basic set of POST (Power On Self Test) routines and go through the hand-shake protocols to establish a new connection at the highest speed it can negotiate.

To reset a broadband modem or router, disconnect the power cable and leave the device off for 30 seconds or so. If your network includes both, reconnect the modem’s power cable to restore its power first. Wait another 30 seconds or so then restore router power.

You will probably have to select connections and re-enter passwords on any running machines on the network. A reboot of running machines may be the final step to re-establishing a full speed connection. AJS

Image credit: Network Switch And Patch Cables” by scottchan via

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