How-to: More Facebook Privacy Tips

More Facebook Privacy TipsTo highlight our coverage of Facebook‘s privacy settings, the social networking site tacked on some additional tips to the bottom of the emails it sent out regarding changes in site governance.

It contains a blindingly clear warning about how Facebook privacy works – or not depending on whether you read and understand it.

“Your Timeline: You have settings that help you design how your timeline will appear to others, like hiding things from your timeline. Remember that this only impacts whether those things are visible on your timeline. Those posts are still visible elsewhere, like in news feed, on other people’s timelines, or in search results. You can delete your own posts from your timeline or activity log, or ask someone else to delete a post you’re tagged in.”
So there it is in hard text; your timeline is not the master view you think it is and even Facebook is having to explain it to the masses.

  • Don’t assume anything you remove from your timeline is gone from public view
  • Don’t assume anything you remove from your Facebook page is gone from Facebook. Other users may have it linked in their profiles and timelines.
  • Don’t assume that anything deleted on Facebook isn’t already stashed elsewhere on other sites and social networks. This is the Internet, where everything is infinitely copyable.
  • If you find embarrassing material concerning you on other sites or profiles, ask for it to be taken down.

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