How-to: AVG’s Malware Figures Highlight On-line Security Threats

Biological virus under a microscope…And you might expect as AVG is in the computer security business, it that would say that. However, if you run Microsoft Windows but don’t run some kind of anti-virus software, all I can say is, how is it that you’re on-line?

Some of the statistics provided by AVG’s website are mind-blowing but I still don’t think they come close to the true scale of the problem:

  • On any given day, over two million web pages are infected by malware.
  • 60 percent of malicious web sites appear for less than one day.
  • Therefore real-time scanning is critical as no database of known infected web addresses can possibly keep up and provide security.


  • 95% of online threats are web-based and cannot be stopped with anti-virus software alone.
  • AVG sees between 100,000-150,000 threats a day.
  • Online criminals set up their own websites or poison legitimate sites (even just single web pages).
  • 60% of all pages hosting web threats are infected for less than a day, making the threats difficult to catch unless they are viewed on the actual page in real-time.
  • One in eight web users will unknowingly come across a poisoned page at least once a month.

All of which leads me to conclude that reputable anti-malware backed by on-line repositories of known threats is essential protection for any Windows machine; be it Microsoft’s Windows Defender, AVG, Clam A-V, or, if you can afford the money and system resources, Norton Internet Security. AJS

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