What’s in the Windows 10 Store

Windows 10 Store

The Windows Store had its debut in Windows 8, but with Windows 10, however, it finally looks like the Windows Store can compete alongside Apple and Google’s Play Store.

At the outset, app selection was thin and Microsoft failed to attract the kind of big name app developers as Apple and Google. They also failed to police a lot of  outright scam apps and games.

The latest version of the Windows Store for Windows 10 is clean, attractive, and well organized.

Opening the Windows Store, you will see that it is categorized into five sections. The main section, “Home” features most popular and most recommended apps and games.


Choose any category and you’ll be able to browse and refine your view, with a search.


[UPDATE: Music has now been dropped from the store]

The Windows Store features music, movies and television shows. You can buy a whole season of TV shows or by the episode.

If you click on your user profile, you can access you account options.

Open up the settings and you will find the option to disable automatic app updates, as well as whether products are shown on the live tile and if the tile is only updated when your Windows 10 device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Settings includes and area to “manage your devices”. This opens a browser page to display all devices that are signed in with your account, when apps were first installed, and the option to remove devices from your profile.

“View Account” will take you to an overview where you can manage your account and view recent purchases: also edit your name, change your password, send gift cards, and view your devices.

The “payment options” screen, manages how you pay for apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows,  adding or removing payment methods or adding funds to your Microsoft account. You can also redeem redeem gift cards here to add funds to your account

If you’ve made any purchases via the Windows Store, you can review them here going all the way back to 2012.

“My Library” will show you apps and games that you’ve acquired in the pas:  both free or pay items, which you can download to the current device by clicking the arrow symbol along the right-hand edge.

The “Downloads” section displays any pending downloads queued ready for use.

The Windows Store is a simple and well organised way to download and install new apps and games, music, movies, and TV shows. Let’s hope the quality control puts the days of the scam apps and games in the past. AJS

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