How-to: Customise the Windows Taskbar

How to customise Windows 10 Taskbar

The Windows 10 taskbar is a persistent feature on every desktop. Properly set up, the taskbar can be a powerful utility space. It just needs a little knowledge and next to no time to have it just the way you want it. So here’s how to customise the Windows Taskbar.
The Taskbar is located along the bottom edge of your desktop display. With it, you can access the Start button, view running programs, and access the date/time and volume adjustment.

To rearrange buttons on the taskbar:
1. Click and hold the program that you wish to move.
2. Drag the program to a different location on the taskbar.
3. Drop the program into position by releasing the mouse.

To pin a Program to the Taskbar:
You can pin programs to the taskbar as a set of quick -launch ‘favourites’ so that the icons remain remain on the taskbar even when programs themselves are not running.
1. Click the Start button to open the applications menu
2. Navigate to the program that you wish to pin to the taskbar
3. Right-click the program that you wish to pin to the taskbar
4. Click the More button
5. Click Pin to Taskbar

To Remove a Program from the Taskbar:
You may also remove pinned programs from the taskbar:
1. Right-click the program icon on the taskbar  that you wish to remove from the taskbar.
2. Click Unpin from Taskbar



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