How-to: Pin More than Programs to the Start Menu on Windows 10

Pin to Start Menu Windows 10

The Windows 10’s Start menu (Start screen) in tablet mode will allow you to “pin” other items besides apps. You can pin folders, websites, settings shortcuts, email folder, notes, and contacts. This gives you quick access to anything you want to define as favourites, right from the Start menu.

You can ordinarily pin applications to the Start menu by opening the “All apps” view, right-click an app, and select “Pin to Start”.

Folders, Drives, Libraries, Network Locations, and HomeGroup Folders

To pin a folder to the Start menu, first locate that folder in the File Explorer app. Right-click – or long-press – the folder and select “Pin to Start”.

You can also right-click a drive  in File Explorer, for example C: or D: drives, and select “Pin to Start’ to pin that drive to your Start menu. This also works with libraries, network locations, and HomeGroup folders in File Explorer.

Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to pin individual files to your Start menu, unless they’re executable progam files (.exe files.)

The Microsoft Edge browser  enables  you to pin shortcuts to websites onto the Start Menu. Open the Edge browser and navigate to the web page you want to pin. Click the menu button and select “Pin this page to Start”.

If the website supports it, that pin will appear as a live tile.

Email Folders and Accounts

You can similarly pin items from the Mail app to your Start menu. For example, if you have multiple accounts, you can pin a shortcut for a specific account. If you’ve set up multiple folders, you can pin a shortcut to a folder.


The OneNote app allows you to pin shortcuts to notes in order to quickly access favourite notes without going through the OneNote interface. Open the OneNote app included in Windows 10, right-click or long-press a note page and select “Pin to Start”.


You can pin contacts to the Start menu if you use the “People” app included in Windows 10. Locate  a contact, then right-click or long-press that contact then select “Pin to Start” to pin the contact to your start screen. The tile will use the same profile image the person has in your contacts.

Removing Pinned Items

To remove a tile, right-click it and select “Unpin from Start” or long-press it and tap the “Unpin” icon. You can also use the options in the right-click or long-press menu to change the tile’s size and disable live tile functionality.

Custom Layout

You can rearrange the pinned tiles anywhere you want on your Start menu or Start screen by drag-and-drop and arranging them into groups. To move a tile, left-click it and drag it or long-press it and drag it.

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