No Expert’s Regeneration

Sela WordPress Theme

The first thing about No Expert’s regeneration is the look and feel. Realising that everything is now mobile-first, I had to take a look at the old WordPress theme to find out if it was in any way responsive. It wasn’t. In fact, the old Enterprise theme is much like me – officially ‘retired.’

Enterprise fell apart on mobile and as one of the older Automattic themes from, there were no new options and no updates. Enterprise had to go. What to use instead?

I went through almost all of the free themes on The new theme has to be responsive, it has to be free (still a professional cheapskate) it has to be simple. It has to be clean in layout. And not ugly as f-. Having previewed about fifty themes, this was the deal-breaker, they are all ugly as f-.

And being free, the options are limited. Bad accent colours or palettes. No header image. Stupid fixed logo sizes. No background image. Fixed fonts. Variable font sizes either way to big or way too tiny. Cheesy graphic adornments. Big stupid hero header images the size of a US state.

And the winner is…Sela by Automattic

Sela is not your typical business theme. Vibrant, bold, and clean, with lots of space for large images, this theme will look great on all devices, from desktop to mobile.

But mainly, it works cleanly on mobile.

All it needs now to get it to work is to fix all the images so they display consistently for both mobile and desktop. AJS

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