Check Disk – the One Thing Microsoft Shouldn’t Break But Did

Microsoft cracked the plaster with Check DiskThe Check Disk program, snappily named chkdsk way before leet-speak and txt-speak were invented, broke last month on Windows 10. Microsoft acknowledged and rolled out a fix for a chkdsk issue that stopped some Windows 10 devices booting normally.

Microsoft didn’t state which versions of Windows 10 have been affected when it listed the bug in KB4592438 and KB4586853 updates.

The support page calmly summarises this:

A small number of devices that have installed this update have reported that when running chkdsk /f, their file system might get damaged and the device might not boot.

The answer? Install the patch and run chkdesk -f again – the very thing that broke the boot process in the first place. In fact:

Note After completing these steps, the device might automatically run chkdsk again on restart. It should start up as expected once it has completed.

Loving the words “should start up as expected.” Once burned…

We know that Windows software is a vast and complex code base. But how does Check Disk, one of the oldest and most used utilities in the whole of Windows and DOS, get broken? And rolled out? Microsoft’s wobbly QA looks even more rickety. After thirty-five years software development, that really doesn’t inspire confidence. AJS

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