Eight ‘Features’ Removed from Windows 11

windows11_features_400_225In the Windows 11 update merry-go-round, there’s a major cull of features familiar in Windows 10. Some are user interface (UI) changes, some are disappearing apps. Here’s eight ‘Features’ removed from Windows 11.

1. Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer finally bows out in Windows 11. Support for IE in Windows 10 ends with the 20H2 release, good until 2022. Users of Windows 8/8.1 can continue to use IE; but why? Get off Windows 8, it’s terrible. And IE. It’s worse.

2. Cortana
Windows 11 drops the Cortana voice assistant from the ‘first boot experience.’ She’s also not pinned to the taskbar. Cortana will be available as a separate Windows app. Siri and Alexa just wiped the floor with Cortana.

3. Tablet Mode
On a Windows 10 desktop, you might not even know about Tablet Mode, designed to change the Windows 10 user interface to be more tablet-friendly. Tablet mode is dead on Windows 11, but there will be additional functionality for touch-screen devices.

4. Quick Status
On Windows 10, Quick Status showed upcoming notifications from some apps straight to the lock screen. Windows 11 drops this. Desktop widgets return to Windows 11, but it’s not a like-for-like change.

5. Configurable Start Menu
On Windows 11, the Start menu moves bottom-centre of the screen like a Mac ‘Dock’ and loses much of the configuration/resizing options. You ca still pin apps and websites directly onto the Start menu.

6. Live Tiles
Live Tiles are dead under Windows 11, along with named groups and app folders. Desktop widgets and other pinned apps return to take their place.

7. Customisable Taskbar
The redesigned taskbar gets a fixed positioned on the screen. The People icon has been removed along with some system tray icons. Individual apps cannot customise the taskbar

8. Default Apps
‘Favourite’ pre-installed apps that drop out of the default install include 3D viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D, and Skype(!). Those apps continue to be available via the Microsoft Store should you optionally choose to install them. They will carry over in the upgrade from Windows 10 i installed to Windows 11.

Then question is how many of these ‘features’ will you actually miss? How many disappear and wreck your perfect Windows desktop? How many are you glad to see the back of? AJS

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