FaceBook is so Meta

ajs_meta_400_225FaceBook is so Meta. Except it isn’t. FaceBook is still FaceBook: a toxic sludge of junk advertising masquerading as a social network.

Only the parent company has changed it’s name, and nobody cares about that any more than they cared that Google is owned by Alphabet.

It’s been a troubling few weeks for FaceBook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Whistleblower sessions in Congress, then in the British Parliament, who knows where Frances Haugen’s Facebook assassination world tour will take her next? How will her thumb on the scales will tip various national governments into decisive, muddled, unworkable and unenforceable regulation?

Meanwhile Zuck is trying to launch the net phase of the tech giant’s development as a pioneer of the Metaverse. A combination of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and a bunch of technologies that no one knows how to operate yet, the Metaverse is a woolly enough name to be whatever Zuck wants without actually committing to anything.

He’s hoping the announcement will distract Wall Street and the public enough that FaceBook’s woes will be yesterday’s news and shore up the share price.

It isn’t working.

Young people are staying away from FaceBook in droves; after all, what young person wants to hang out with their parents and grandparents? It’s just not cool. Give it ten years, maybe it will be again with a niche audience like MySpace. Remember that?

In the tech space, platforms age in dog years, making FaceBook about 120 years old. No wonder it’s lost its’ marbles. After all the interface changes, privacy concerns, relentless advertising and algorithmic junk feeds, the only thing it has going for it now is scale. As soon as those three billion users (also not a real number) begin to leave, the party’s over. AJS

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