No Expert’s Regeneration

Sela WordPress Theme

The first thing about No Expert’s regeneration is the look and feel. Realising that everything is now mobile-first, I had to take a look at the old WordPress theme to find out if it was in any way responsive. It wasn’t. In fact, the old Enterprise theme is much like me – officially ‘retired.’

Enterprise fell apart on mobile and as one of the older Automattic themes from, there were no new options and no updates. Enterprise had to go. What to use instead? Continue reading

News: XP eXPires

Windows XP desktopWhile Microsoft has extended the end-of-life deadline Windows XP several times under consumer pressure, not least from Enterprise customers, we have reached that line in the sand. The party’s over.

Officially, Windows XP is now dead, but it’s not gone. Choose your stats carefuly; conservatively, between 20 and 27% of computers connected to the Internet still run Windows XP. Yet as of April 8th, we’re at the”end of support” – so what will happen to all those Windows XP systems now?

It will continue to run and activate, using the same activation process that checks with Microsoft to ensure you’re using “genuine” software and not a pirated version of Windows. The activation servers will continue to run for the foreseeable future. The only noticeable difference you’ll see is a monthly message that will appear to remind you that XP is now defunct. This message can be hidden, and will only appear on home computers, not on networked, managed business computers. Continue reading

And We’re Back

Dubai Water Taxi by Klaus F, Wikimedia Commons
We’re back… after a long Summer lay-off, filled with distractions. Such as old Windows PC’s not working, new Windows PC’s not working, tablets not working (that’s technology, not my medication), phones not working and motor cars not working.

Sense a recurring theme here?

There’s been a proper heat wave in Dubai (46 degrees) so the folks in Blighty can puff as much as they like – most of you still didn’t get a tan. Continue reading