How-to: Remove Text-Enhance adware

Image: Text Enhance adware

Text Enhance is one of those pesky ad-ware browser hijackers that takes over pages in your web browser and overlays ads based on keywords in the page text. Underlined keywords are hyper-linked to pop-up boxes containing coupons in ads clearly identified as Text Enhance. A relatively benign and easily removed example of ad-ware, it is nonetheless an invasion of your privacy.

Text Enhance is a bundled add-on for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome and is typically installed alongside other free programs. As well as injecting ad links into your web pages, it also infiltrates search forms on Ebay, Google, Facebook, Amazon or any website it can to display a box containing related keyword suggestions,ads and sponsored links in the right of your browser window. It can also collect search terms and other keywords from your search queries. Continue reading

How-to: Introduction to Edge


Project Spartan. Sounds awesome (sic). It was the codename for Microsoft’s successor to Internet Explorer; the new browser: Edge.

So is it cutting edge, leading edge or trailing edge? Is it finished? Is it fast? And is it the first properly functional Modern UI application? After all, we’re all going to spend a lot of time using it in future. Like it or not, Microsoft Edge is going to replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Continue reading

How-to: Secure the Weakest Link behind the Keyboard – Part II

Image: chain link 2 by unknownNow for the seriously weak link – you.We busy little bees rush in, skim-read, ignore warnings, know better than everyone else, are highly suggestible, insatiably curious and when on-line, generally risk-blind.

And that’s on a good day. The rest of the time we go skipping through the online minefield with gay abandon and the kind of blasé wilfulness that would get us killed crossing the street. Continue reading

How-to: Secure the Weakest Link behind the Keyboard – Part I

Image: Weakest link by unknownYou can have all have anti-virus software installed in Windows, UAC enabled, UEFI battening down the system boot, anti-malware and double firewalls; in theory, all your software should be perfectly secure. However, the weakest link in all computer security remains: the user.

You might think all was secure the day you un-boxed your machine; as Mr Cole Porter said, ain’t necessarily so. Continue reading