How-to: Networking Primer Part III – Firewall

Baracuda Firewalls

A firewall restricts unauthorised access to your system by intruders, blocking certain types of network traffic. Firewalls can be implemented in software  or in hardware. The hardware version is generally more secure than a software firewall installed alongside the operating system. Continue reading

How-to: Computer Networking Primer Part I

Networking Part I#

The perils of being the ‘knowledgeable friend.’ At this time of year, this means family and friends acquire all sorts of shiny new tech kit, then ask someone with half a brain to help set up their home network. This often means me. Down the phone line. From a different country.

So here we go; network-y-type things you need to understand. I’m sure any network managers reading this will think I’m an idiot. That’s fine. Go play with your  cable crimpers, boys, this isn’t for you. Continue reading

How-to: Choose FAT, exFAT or NTFS file systems [Guest Post]

No, it’s not the latest diet fad. The story goes like this; I started to migrate a Windows Vista machine to Windows 7 (not for myself, I should add). When I plugged in an external drive for ‘Easy Transfer’  (this is Vista, so ‘easy’ is a relative term), the program decided it couldn’t cope with a FAT32 format drive.

I know; how long has that FAT32 drive sat around? Never mind. My choices to reformat are: exFAT or NTFS. What do I use? I’m no digital storage expert, but here goes… Continue reading

How-to: Diagnose an SD Card that’s stopped working

SD Memory Card from Open ImagebankIt never ceases to amaze me how resilient is the humble SD card. They take heat, cold, damp, weight, an infeasible amount of weight, bending and mistreatment. And, unlike most of your other electronic gadgets, magnets and magnetism don’t affect SD cards; the amount of electro-magnetism it takes to corrupt the bits on EPROM flash memory just doesn’t exist in the average home or office.

Continue reading