How-to: Understand the UK Cookie Law Part One

Free Macro Chewy Cocolate Chip Cookies Creative Commons by Sharron PruittWe’ve been following a discussion thread begun by podcaster Tony Whitmore ( on the UK legislation covering the use of software cookies (sadly the baked goods are already subject to regulation and taxes).

All cookies are covered by the legislation. Regulation 6 requires that the user is given clear and comprehensive information about all cookies used, and that the user has given consent for each one.

Implied consent may be sufficient; the ICO’s guidance is not exactly clear. But then the legislation is so broad, achieving clarity is quite difficult. At least the ICO itself has a large cookie notification and consent box on the site.

It seems likely that a lot of software will be setting up cookies by default and many users will not be aware this is happening. Over to Tony… Continue reading