News: Windows on Chromebooks

Windows 10 on Chromebook

The Chromebook with its’ Android-derived Chrome OS is Google’s answer to the the Windows laptop. No onboard storage and a setup for cloud-based computing means no Windows-based applications like MS-Office, Notepad, or anything by Adobe. Except you can now run Windows 10 on Chromebooks – in a virtual machine. Continue reading

Catch-up Office 2010: OneNote

This is the forgotten Office application. It’s actually a great little application that hardly anyone uses. Most of the effort in OneNote 2010 focuses on integration with the other applications. OneNote is bundled with all of the Office 2010 suites apart from Office Starter and now has an online version in the form of the OneNote Web App.

OneNote is a general note-taking application: use it for minuting meetings, to-do lists, idea jotter. It’s probably most effective as a researcher’s note-taking hub. Continue reading

Catch-up: MS Office 2010 Other Highlights

The Microsoft Office suite comprises more than Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Publisher and OneNote are the two other applications that have gotten upgrades in MSO 2010.

Microsoft Publisher is the often-forgotten desktop publishing program which now handle type much better, with common tools to Microsoft Word for handling ligatures (conjoined letters), small caps and other kinds of type… Continue reading

Catch-up: MS-Office 2010 Powerpoint

“Death by Powerpoint!”

It’s a phrase that’s passed into common use. The trouble is that Powerpoint has made it so dashed easy to crank out a deck of slides, that’s exactly what millions of people inflict everyday.

The overuse of cheesy transitions, clipart and sound effects has done nothing to disguise the fact that most presentations are in fact garbage. Powerpoint works best when you don’t notice the tool and focus only on the content. So does the Office 2010 release of Powerpoint change the cheese-to-quality ratio…? Continue reading