Opinion: Is Facebook is Killing the Open Web?

 Is Facebook is Killing the Open Web?

Google and the other search engines have been the major driver of traffic to the open web for years. Social media is changing all that in two ways; social referrals – what we call ‘word of mouth’ in real life – and embedded content. Is Facebook is Killing the Open Web? Continue reading

Opinion: Fingerprints Make Bad Passwords

Fingerprints make bad passwords

We all know passwords are rubbish. We pick short ones, simple ones, easy ones; we never change them,  we use our birthdays, childrens’ names, pets’s names, postcodes; and then we write them down on post-it notes and stick them to the screen. We think we’re clever when we use a password manager – right up to the point that gets hacked and all our passwords get published to FacePoke in one fell swoop.

What we need is something unique to us that we don’t have to remember or write down, that is always on our person and that will never change. Like a fingerprint. Lots of phones and laptops now have fingerprint scanners. That must be better. Except that’s worse. Continue reading

Opinion: Windows 10 Could Have Been Better

Windows 10 Could Have Been Better

It isn’t finished, it isn’t coherent, arguably it isn’t even an ‘upgrade.’ But it may well be the last ‘version’ of Windows you ever get. The grand, visionary release of Windows 10 proves the adage you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Windows XP continues to run across millions of machine worldwide. Windows Vista doesn’t. Windows 7 does. Windows 8 and 8.1, limp along mainly because they were pre-installed on machines by people who don’t know how to downgrade. Windows 10 is offered as the free upgrade messiah, the answer to all our problems, when in fact, it answers very few. Continue reading

Opinion: Flipping heck! Adobe Flash and HTML5 [Guest Post]

When we tried to kill our usage of Flipping Book document previews, I realised with horror that it’s more than four years since I declared in a podcast that Flash would be dead within eighteen months. Not only is it still here, but there’s no end in sight to the long tail of Flash.

And that long tail is causing us problems; as an independent publisher on the web, my current client is struggling not only with a reliable preview technology, but also wants to sell read-only resources via it’s website. Welcome to the digital realm… Continue reading

Opinion: ‘The Cloud’ vs ‘The Fog’

'The Cloud' vs 'The Fog'

DropBox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive; Office 365; Zoho Office; AWS, Microsoft Azure… I could go on. That’s before we get to Social Media. You may have noticed everything these days is in ‘the Cloud.’

But what does that mean? Are you, like me, a Cloud-sceptic? Granted, I still play CD’s and DVD’s. An occasionally vinyl records. This ‘Cloud’ thing is far to ephemeral to be any use. Isn’t it?

The Internet of Things.
There is an actual ‘Fog.’ The Internet of Things; where every device is internet-enabled in a massive inter-woven fog of greater and smaller networks, with many more localised resources and the most mundane devices able to interconnect with super-computers, libraries, retail, social media. Suddenly H2G2‘s talking toaster becomes a reality. A mad bonkers reality, perhaps; maybe the toaster itself won’t talk but I bet it will be able to order bread, croissants, ‘sandwich thins’ (whatever they are) and lookup the optimal toasting time for Scandiwegian Humectant flatbread. Continue reading