Photography: Patrick Latter – Canadian Hiking

Moraine Lake - Patrick Latter Canadian HikingRising to a challenge from the Editor, I have to describe, adequately, some stunning photography that I ‘wowed’ over recently. This could take some work; I know nothing about photography other than ‘stand still and don’t put your finger over the lens.’ Until now.

Patrick Latter describes himself as “a programmer with a passion for all things photography and hiking,” indeed, his blog is entitled Canadian Hiking Photography (, but I suspect there is a good deal more to him than that modest description.

The site contains some fantastic images in a diverse portfolio, with some fascinating technical commentary on how the shots were taken. I get it. Mostly. I am less of a photo ignoramous now. Continue reading

How-to: Get Public Domain Images Free

Image credit:Little Photographer by Jiri HodanYou just can’t run a blog or website these days without pictures. We live in a world dominated by visual media. So much of it is copyright protected and commercially expensive. But some of it is not.

Public Domain refers to material that is ‘publicly available’ and not restricted by copyrights. There are many stock photography websites from which you can license photographs, some of them at quite reasonable rates. There are also sites that provide royalty-free stock images under public domain or Creative Commons licenses. The best of them do exactly the same as the commercial sites, including browsing or searching by categories and tags.

Here’s a run-down of some of the free stock images resources we use. Continue reading

Photography: Astronomy Picture of the Day

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day NGC7822Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is a NASA sponsored site featuring some stunning space-related photography.

“A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation… by a professional astronomer.”

Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available (for non-commercial use). All of the picture descriptions are liberally filled with relevant links to further reading. Continue reading

Photography: Jonathan Irwin

Jonathan Irwin Photography: A19 FlyoverContinuing my short series of posts on Northern photographers, may I present Jonathan Irwin, life-long resident of the North East of England

In Jonathan’s own words:
“My interest in photography started when I bought my first ever digital camera and started photographing aeroplanes.

As my interest in photography grew and my enthusiasm for my retail management career waned I decided to quit work for a degree in commercial photography… going on to complete my BA photography degree.” Continue reading

Photography: Reuben Tabner

Reuben Tabner Photography HomeIt’s come around to my ‘turn’ to post something on photography  for Everything Express. Which doesn’t mean my photography, I am among the worst snappers in the world. Instead, I’d like to promote a couple of excellent lensmen from my old home in the North-East of England, beginning with Reuben Tabner.

“Living within spitting distance of the North Sea, much of his work is a result of time spent breathing the sea air and being battered by her waves. He is a surfer, a runner and a climber, who feels, as at home in the mountains and the oceans of the world, as the urban jungles we have created around us.” Continue reading