How-to: Add MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit to Windows 10

MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit

Antivirus software that tackles software viruses is essential for any Windows device, not just those directly connected to the Internet. However not all attacks are ‘above the waterline’ viruses This is why we recommend you add MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit to Windows 10. While other anti-exploit programs are available, MalwareBytes is effective and free.

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Opinion: Fingerprints Make Bad Passwords

Fingerprints make bad passwords

We all know passwords are rubbish. We pick short ones, simple ones, easy ones; we never change them,  we use our birthdays, childrens’ names, pets’s names, postcodes; and then we write them down on post-it notes and stick them to the screen. We think we’re clever when we use a password manager – right up to the point that gets hacked and all our passwords get published to FacePoke in one fell swoop.

What we need is something unique to us that we don’t have to remember or write down, that is always on our person and that will never change. Like a fingerprint. Lots of phones and laptops now have fingerprint scanners. That must be better. Except that’s worse. Continue reading

How-to: Disable Windows 10 Peer Uploads

Disable Windows 10 Peer Uploads

It may come as a surprise that Microsoft incorporated peer-to-peer networking into Windows 10. Somebody thought “what a great way to accelerate and distribute the rollout of the Windows 10 upgrade – the early adopters can help those who come after by sharing the load, using the kind of torrenting technology everyone’s used for years to pirate Microsoft products, right?”

By default, Windows 10 will automatically use your PC’s Internet connection to distribute updates and apps to other Windows users. Why should Microsoft pay for bandwidth to distribute its products when it can use your bandwidth instead? After all, your Internet data cap isn’t Microsoft’s problem. What you don’t know about can’t hurt you. And if you can’t find the option, you can’t turn it off. Thanks, Redmond. Continue reading

How-to: Computer Networking Primer Part I

Networking Part I#

The perils of being the ‘knowledgeable friend.’ At this time of year, this means family and friends acquire all sorts of shiny new tech kit, then ask someone with half a brain to help set up their home network. This often means me. Down the phone line. From a different country.

So here we go; network-y-type things you need to understand. I’m sure any network managers reading this will think I’m an idiot. That’s fine. Go play with your  cable crimpers, boys, this isn’t for you. Continue reading