Is Windows Defender the Best Antivirus for Windows 10

Windows Defender 2018

Windows 10 carries over the built-in Microsoft antivirus program, Windows Defender. It’s robust and constantly updated, but as a free, bundled application, is it actually up to the very important job of PC security? Is Windows Defender the best antivirus for Windows 10? Continue reading

News: Numbers Prove Nobody Uses Google Plus

Tumbleweed Rolling By Jez Arnold [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia CommonsAs we all thought, nobody uses Google Plus. The unwanted and unloved social network foisted on us by the advertising machine masquerading as a search engine has been revealed as Tumbleweed Central.

Of course, ‘nobody’ is a relative term. Google made Plus accounts a mandatory add-on to all it’s Google sign-ons from Gmail to YouTube to Picassa and Drive, which means there’s around 2.2 BILLION Plus accounts belonging to users around the world.

But as researcher Edward Morbius has shown, only around 4-6 million people interact and post publicly on Google Plus. Continue reading

How-to: Secure the Weakest Link behind the Keyboard – Part II

Image: chain link 2 by unknownNow for the seriously weak link – you.We busy little bees rush in, skim-read, ignore warnings, know better than everyone else, are highly suggestible, insatiably curious and when on-line, generally risk-blind.

And that’s on a good day. The rest of the time we go skipping through the online minefield with gay abandon and the kind of blasé wilfulness that would get us killed crossing the street. Continue reading

How-to: Secure the Weakest Link behind the Keyboard – Part I

Image: Weakest link by unknownYou can have all have anti-virus software installed in Windows, UAC enabled, UEFI battening down the system boot, anti-malware and double firewalls; in theory, all your software should be perfectly secure. However, the weakest link in all computer security remains: the user.

You might think all was secure the day you un-boxed your machine; as Mr Cole Porter said, ain’t necessarily so. Continue reading

How-to Decide What NOT to Post On Facebook Part II

An appropriate use of Facebook

Over-sharing on Facebook: if you didn’t see the critical list of things NOT to share, check back on Part I. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are supposed to be at work, posting five status updates and four photos before coffee break is going to show up in your timeline with the date and time stamp. And prove that you’re not working. Expect a misconduct letter.

Assuming there isn’t a policy against Facebook during working time, contain your updates to your official lunch and break times, before or after your clocking-in times. Continue reading