Is Windows Defender the Best Antivirus for Windows 10

Windows Defender 2018

Windows 10 carries over the built-in Microsoft antivirus program, Windows Defender. It’s robust and constantly updated, but as a free, bundled application, is it actually up to the very important job of PC security? Is Windows Defender the best antivirus for Windows 10? Continue reading

How-to: Get Free Web-Hosting

Image credit: Maitre'd / cameraro carta by unknown, via Google Images

If you want a conventional website, you’ll need space on a web-server somewhere to run it. That usually costs money. The more space, better bandwidth, better facilities you want, the more it’s likely to cost you. But the Internet is also inundated with offers of free web hosting. And like ‘free lunches’, there are many definitions of ‘free hosting’. Someone has to pay for it in some way.

The obvious one is on-site advertising. Even the best free hosting services reserve the right to lob some ads onto your pages, even the discreet and hopefully tasteful kind such as you find on So the key question is how much of a free lunch is free hosting and will it give you the kind of web presence you want? Continue reading