How-to: turn off “Microsoft Start”

Turn off "Microsoft Start"

With the 21H1 update to Windows 10, MSN got renamed and plastered all over your desktop. So the question now is: how do I turn off “Microsoft Start?”

The 21H1 Windows 10 Update brought a new Weather and News widget and dumped it in the Taskbar. It’s MSN, renamed and repackaged, turned on by default and filled with the usual click-bait garbage.

It’s another step toward monetising user eyeballs on the desktop with sponsored content and click-bait headlines; because everyone would rather waste their time on z-list celebrity stories, gossip, diets and product placements rather than use their device as a productivity tool. It’s adware, it’s bloatware, it’s yet more corporate money-grubbing for the last nickel and dime at the expense of a decent user experience.

Cunningly Microsoft gave it a name that makes a web search almost impossible, since all results relate to Startup or the Start Menu.

Here’s how to remove the news feed from the taskbar on Windows 10.

  • Right-click anywhere on the Windows 10 taskbar.
  • Select the ‘News and Interests’ menu.
  • Select ‘Turn Off’ in the options provided.
  • Refresh the desktop if needed.

Somebody at Redmond will probably get fired for that; it’s far to easy to turn the thing off. Willing to bet it will be next to impossible in Windows 11? Try setting a default browser that isn’t Edge. Just sayin’ AJS

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