Windows Update Fail Goes Up to 11

I’ll keep my outrage short. Windows Update gave me the terse message “this PC doesn’t currently meet Windows 11 system requirements.”

The failures listed include Secure Boot (it does), TPM 2.0 (it does) and Processor (okay, strictly speaking it doesn’t).

Mind you, Windows Update also thinks the machine is 14 years old. It isn’t.

This is PC Health Check working in the background, invoked by Windows Update.

Two things of note here. One, I didn’t ask for it to run that check. Two, I know that I don’t need Windows 11.

Anyone not tech-savvy about this stuff is going to see this and believe their machine is about to expire. They won’t know they don’t need Windows 11. Windows Update is officially telling them their machine is, effectively, obsolete.

This is on the fine line of sharp practice; deceiving the customer into believing they need to upgrade an entire machine to an operating system they don’t need until 2025.

Moreover this is Microsoft attempting to shore up the PC industry, its’ own sales and that of partner manufacturers; dipping its’ grubby hand into users’ pockets.

How many people will click through to the web page with a click-through to “can I continue to use Windows 10?” (which also has a link for “shop new PC’s”)?

You liked the new, cuddly, consumer-friendly Microsoft? Well this is back to the big bad money-shark Microsoft and about as welcome as Jaws in your swimming pool.

</End rant> AJS

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